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2x600 MW Shree Singaji Thermal Power Plant, MP, India


    Name of Project : 2x600 MW Shree Singaji Thermal Power Plant, Malwa, Madhya Pradesh, India

    Owner/Client : Madhya Pradesh Power Generation Co-operation Limited (MPPGCL), India

    Capacity : 2x600 MW

    L&T-S&L’s scope : Complete Owners Engineering including Technical Spec preparation, Bid Evaluation , Contract Finalization, Review Engg, Commissioning, Testing and PG Tests and Inspection Services and Field Engineering Support

    Configuration :

    • Two (2) BHEL make Boilers
    • Two (2) BHEL make Steam Turbine Generators (STGs)
    • Balance of Plant by L&T Power

    Key Technical Features :

    • Subcritical drum boilers with vertical water walls, natural circulation, two pass and single reheat capacity of 1975 T/hr, 178 Kg/cm2 (g) and 540 oC; simpler to construct, lower pressure drop and lower slag deposition
    • STG of capacity 600 MW with tandem-compound arrangement, condensing reheat turbine designed for high operating efficiency and maximum reliability
    • STG auxiliaries like Boiler Feed Pumps (BFP), Condensate Extraction Pump (CEP), DM Cooling Water Pumps, Vacuum Pumps, Heat Exchangers etc
    • Deaerator, HP (2 nos.) and LP (3 nos.) Heaters
    • Water cooled condenser with closed circuit cooling system
    • Balance of Plant including Coal Handling, Ash Handling, Water System, HVAC, Fire-fighting, Fuel Oil System etc.
    • ESPs,NDCTs and Twin Flue Chimney
    • HP Steam Pressure & Temperature: 170 Bar (a);537 oC
    • HRH Steam Pressure & Temperature: 40.51 Bar (a);537 oC
    • Power Evacuation : 220 kV & 400 kV Switchyard

    Fuel : Coal

    Year of commissioning : 2014