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L&T-S&L offers Integrated Engineering and Design with 3D modeling using in-house and commercial software.

The high-end, technical software suite is deployed to provide integrated project management, engineering and design automation for all aspects of power plant including design, analysis, optimization and 3D modeling. This system builds accuracy and completeness of information into the engineering deliverables creating intelligent output with the help of seamless data flow from the preliminary design to system engineering and physical design stage.


  • 3D modeling for visualization and clash detection
  • Integrated Engineering – common platform for all discipline
  • Space planning for clearance and equipment removal
  • Model review at regular intervals with stakeholders

L&T-S&L operation is supported by state-of-the-art IT infrastructure providing the best options for project communication among various offices and sites.

L&T-S&L works on the concept of Concurrent Engineering for work share across the various office locations. This methodology helps to derive maximum utilization of resources and overcomes geographical barriers, thereby enabling round-the-clock engineering for faster delivery.

Click the link to view 3D model videos of power projects engineered by L&T-S&L