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Detail Engineering

Our Detail Engineering services include pre-bid engineering support, post-award basic and detail engineering; as well as field engineering assistance. Click below for more information on our detail engineering portfolio and profile of significant projects.

Pre-bid Engineering

The pre-bid engineering service includes preparation of plant design basis, preparation of pre-bid technical queries, preparation of preliminary plot plan and GA for main plant and Balance of plant, preparation of preliminary electrical single line diagram, preliminary flow diagram, control system configuration diagram, estimate of the bulk quantities, sizing of major equipment, and brief specifications for obtaining quotes etc.

Post- Award Engineering

This includes complete Basic and Detail engineering for mechanical equipment & piping systems, electrical, civil, structural and architectural works and control & instrumentation.

  • Basic Engineering

    Services offered under basic engineering:
    • Plot Plan
    • Building general arrangement
    • Key Single Line Diagram
    • System wise design criteria document (indicating basic system/ equipment sizing calculation, flow diagram, Operation & Control philosophy etc.)
    • Heat Balance Diagrams
    • Water Balance Diagram
    • Compilation of Aux. Power Consumption List
    • Data sheets for all utility equipment
  • Detail Engineering Services

    Entire Engineering services for Main Plant system and Balance of Plant systems includes preparation of following:
    • Design basis report and / or design criteria
    • System and component sizing calculation
    • Technical Specifications for packages and components
    • Technical bid evaluation reports
    • Vendor drawing review
    • Layout and Physical design including
      • Plot Plan
      • Site Grading and leveling
      • Plant and Building general arrangements
      • Civil & Structural foundation and superstructure design
      • Equipment Layouts
      • Hazardous area Layout
      • Pipe support engineering including pipe stress analysis
      • Piping layouts including isometrics and/or piping composites
      • 3D-Modelling of Equipment, civil, structural and piping
      • Electrical & Instrumentation Cable schedule and interconnection /Logic diagrams
      • Power System Studies
    • Pre-commissioning and Commissioning activities
    • Reliability run and PG tests
    • As-built drawings

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