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R&M Services

Our plant Renovation & Modernization Services ensures thermal and environmental performance improvement of existing assets that makes economic sense. Click below for more information on our R&M services and reference list.

A consultancy service for power plant renovation and modernization (R&M) usually comprises the following activities. However, the same may be modified to suit client requirements on case to case basis:

Hot /Cold Walk through

It is first necessary to understand and study the factors that may have contributed to lower and deteriorating plant performance levels. This is achieved through observance and analysis of the O&M regime, which apart from a plant walk through by experts from various fields, also includes discussions with operating personnel as well as browsing of historical data related to plant operation, maintenance and breakdown records.

Energy Audit

An energy audit essentially is a performance mapping of plant equipment / systems. In a power plant, it includes performance indices like the boiler efficiency, turbine heat rate, auxiliary power consumption, coal and secondary fuel oil consumption, make-up water consumption, waste water discharge and level of pollutants like SOx, NOx and SPM. Energy audit is a key requirement to scientifically assess the plant health prior to embarking on a R&M programme.

Performance Evaluation

The performance evaluation test is carried out to assess the degradation of plant equipment / system over its life cycle. The test results are compared to baseline data from the test in the new condition like Performance Guarantee Tests. Operational data may be recorded from plant instruments after ensuring their proper calibration. Duly calibrated high accuracy instruments may also be used for measurement. This may be a part of the energy audit exercise or may be separately conducted.

Steam Path Audit (SPA)

A Steam Path Audit is a detailed inspection of the stationary and rotating steam flow-path components of the steam turbine for accounting of performance losses on a stage-by-stage basis and estimating losses in power and heat rate using dedicated software. The dimensions of turbine internals like blades, seals etc. will be measured at various locations and the actual radial clearance data will be compared with the design data. This will give a realistic indication of the increased radial clearances and hence the increased steam leakages due to physical deterioration in the turbine internals and will also suggest possible measures to bring the machine back to its original performance level.

Remnant Life Assessment (RLA)

In order to assess the actual condition and the remaining life of various power plant equipment, both destructive and non-destructive tests need to be carried out. RLA tests for boiler, turbine, generator, and balance of plant are specially designed for this purpose. A highly specialized team is deployed for such RLA tests and results are analyzed by experts in the field to arrive at conclusions. The findings of the RLA, along with the energy audit and steam path audit, form the base for deciding the scope and extent of renovation and modernization required for the plant.

Detailed Project Report

Detailed Project Report is prepared based on the above studies and usually covers the following heads:

  • Project background information
  • Intent of the R&M exercise
  • Description of plant and equipment based on design data
  • Present condition of the various plant & equipment
  • Details of condition assessment and studies carried out including their findings and recommendations
  • Baseline performance data
  • Detailed scope of work of R&M and LE
  • Financial analysis and viability study

Preparation of Techno-commercial Specification

Techno-commercial tender specification includes preparation of qualifying requirements, short listing of bidders, preparation of tender specification containing project description, scope of supply, basic design criteria, general technical requirements, quality assurance and inspection requirements, plant/package battery limits and interface requirements, guarantee parameters and liquidated damages requirements, tender drawings, bid proposal sheet, exclusions, data sheets, terminal points, deviation schedule, spares and tools schedules, O&M manual requirement, list of approved vendors, procedure of bid evaluation etc.

Evaluation of EPC Bids and Order Finalization

Technical bid evaluation and finalisation includes pre-bid queries, furnishing replies to bidders, bid clarification meetings, preparation of technical bid evaluation report, preparation of draft LOI and finalisation of technical contract with appropriate terms and conditions with the vendors.

Supervision of R&M Work as Owners’ Engineer (OE)

For a R&M project executed through the EPC route, supervision services are required to ensure quality and adherence to time schedule. The OE also ensures that the plant is designed and built in accordance with technical specification, applicable codes and standards, prudent utility practices, environmental norms, operational and safety aspects, reliability and ease of maintenance and sound engineering practices. It broadly includes review of conceptual engineering, procurement specifications, major design calculations, detail engineering documents and drawings, quality assurance and quality control program, test certification of critical equipment, performance guarantee procedures, erection, testing and commissioning procedures, O&M manual, training manual, change order etc., conducting project review meetings and reporting project status to the owner.

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