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Owner’s Engineering

From project conceptualization to commissioning, we cover the entire gamut of plant engineering on behalf of Developers/Owners/IPP. Click below for more information on our Owner’s Engineering Services and details of significant projects.

As Owner’s Engineer, our services include:

Site Assessment and Suitability Study

Site assessment will include feasibility of the project site with respect to factors such as technical and socio-economic parameters, environmental clearances, availability of land, proximity of sources of water and fuel and their availability, power evacuation facilities, site development, transport logistics etc. Socio economic criteria like restoration and rehabilitation, socio-economic development of the nearby region are also take into consideration.

Feasibility Study & Detailed Project Report

Feasibility study and detail project report includes demand analysis, basic plant requirements, technology selection, sourcing options, plant configuration and technical description of each package/system, preparation of basic engineering drawings and schematics, environmental issues, permits and licenses required, financial model with preliminary project cost estimates, cost of generation and levellised tariff calculations, preliminary project implementation plan, construction and O&M plan with organizational structural and manpower requirements and performance testing plans etc.

Tender Specification

Technical tender specification includes preparation of qualifying requirements, short listing of bidders, preparation of tender specification containing project description, scope of supply, basic design criteria, general technical requirements, quality assurance and inspection requirements, plant/package battery limits and interface requirements, guarantee parameters and liquidated damages requirements, tender drawings, bid proposal sheet, exclusions, data sheets, terminal points, deviation schedule, spares and tools schedules, O&M manual requirement, list of approved vendors, procedure of bid evaluation etc.

Bid Evaluation and Finalization

Technical bid evaluation and finalisation includes pre-bid queries, furnishing replies to bidders, bid clarification meetings, preparation of technical bid evaluation report, preparation of draft LOI and finalisation of technical contract with appropriate terms and conditions with the vendors.

Review Engineering

For a project executed through the EPC route, L&T-S&L carries out Review engineering to ensure that the plant is designed and built in accordance with technical specification, applicable codes and standards, prudent utility practices, environmental norms, operational and safety aspects, reliability and ease of maintenance and sound engineering practices. The review engineering broadly includes review of conceptual engineering, procurement specifications, major design calculations, detail engineering documents and drawings, quality assurance and quality control program, test certification of critical equipments, performance guarantee procedures, erection, testing and commissioning procedures, O&M manual, training manual, change order etc., conducting project review meetings and reporting project status to the owner.


Inspection services are provided to review quality control and quality assurance procedures, witnessing of factory acceptance test, scrutiny of test certificates, inspection reports against relevant contract specifications/ approved drawing/ codes of practice and governing standards and issue inspection certificates/ memo etc.

Performance Testing & Commissioning Support

Performance testing and commissioning support includes preparation/review of testing and commissioning procedures, witness performance testing and commissioning activities, field testing for performance capacity of major equipments and systems and provide technical assistance for performance guarantee testing.

Field Engineering & Project Management

Field Engineering and Project Management services by L&T-S&L includes ensuring correct interpretation of engineering drawings at site, establishing field quality system and safety procedures, troubleshooting engineering related issues at site, monitoring project progress and submitting monthly progress report, preparation of outstanding punch points, schedule for their completion, warranty claims etc., technically assist Owner in project activities like extra claims, approvals, penalties, delays etc., and preparation of Project Completion Report.

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