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1x500 MW CCPP Charles Poletti, New York, USA


    Name of Project : 1x500 MW CCPP Charles Poletti  at New York, USA

    Owner : New York Power Authority, USA

    Client : General Electric International Inc./ Sargent & Lundy, USA

    Capacity : 1x500 MW 

    L&T-S&L’s scope : Basic and Detail Engineering for EPC of entire plant

    Configuration :

    • Two (2) GE make PG7241FA Gas Turbines Generators (GTGs)
    • Two (2) NEM Holland make Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs)
    • One (1) GE make Steam Turbine Generators (STG)
    • One (1) Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) from Hamon

    Key Technical Features :

    • GTGs of 169 MW capacity each with dry low NOx burners for emission control and inlet Air Chillers to operate during high ambient temperature
    • HRSGs triple pressure, unfired, reheat, natural circulation type with deaerating type LP drum and with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to limit NOx emission level to 2 ppm
    • STGs of capacity 197 MW having two (2) cylinders with combined HP / IP casing
    • Thirty two cell Air Cooled Condenser with deaerating Condensate tank with 100% HP, HR, and LP team bypass system
    • Vapor compression inlet air chilling system
    • Unique layout with Indoor Gas Turbines with Inlet Air Chillers and Air Cooled Condenser. The plant also has worlds’s shortest GTG pitch of only 110 ft for STAG 207 FA configuration
    • The plant has an extremely compact design complying with stringent requirement of New York City Codes

    Fuel : Natural Gas/Distillate Liquid fuel

    Year of commissioning : 2005