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1x500 MW CCPP Dresden Energy Facility, Ohio, USA


    Name of Project : 1x500 MW CCPP Dresden Energy Facility at Ohio, USA

    Owner : Dominion Energy Inc., USA

    Client : General Electric International Inc./ Sargent & Lundy, USA

    Capacity : 1x500 MW

    L&T-S&L’s scope : Detail engineering services

    Configuration :

    • Two (2) GE make PG7241FA Gas Turbines Generators (GTGs)
    • Two (2) NEM Holland make Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs)
    • One (1) GE make Steam Turbine Generators (STG)

    Key Technical Features :

    • GTGs of 169 MW capacity each with dry low NOx burners for emission control
    • HRSGs triple pressure, unfired, reheat, natural circulation type
    • STG of capacity 193 MW each having two (2) cylinders with combined HP / IP casing
    • Two pass, single shell divided water box deaerating type condenser

    Fuel : Natural Gas

    Year of commissioning : 2008