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2x660 MW Shree Singaji Thermal Power Project (Stage-II), MP, India

  • Name of Project : 2x660 MW Shree Singaji Thermal Power Project (Stage-II), Malwa, Madhya Pradesh, India

    Owner : Madhya Pradesh Power Generating Co. Ltd, India (MPPGCL)

    Client : Larsen & Toubro Limited, India

    Capacity : 2x660 MW (Supercritical)

    L&T-S&L’s scope : Complete Basic and Detail engineering for the entire EPC of the project

    Configuration :

    • Two (2) L&T-MHPS make Boilers
    • Two (2) L&T-MHPS make Steam Turbine Generators (STGs)

    Key Technical Features :

    • Supercritical, Single Reheat, Once through, Balance Draft, PF Fired Boilers with vertical water walls and internal rifle tubes simpler in construction having lower pressure drop. Furnace designed for lower slag deposition and lower NOx fuel firing system

    • STG of capacity 660 MW (247Kg/cm2(a)/565/593 configuration) each consists of one combined HP/IP and two (2) LP cylinders, tandem –compound quadruple exhaust, condensing reheat turbine designed for high operating efficiency and maximum reliability

    • STG auxiliaries like Boiler Feed Pumps (BFP), Condensate Extraction Pump (CEP), Condensate Polishing Unit, LP Heater Drain Pump, DM cooling water pumps, Vacuum pumps, heat-exchangers etc.

    • Deaerator, LP Heaters & Single Train HP Heaters with Topping Desuperheater

    • L&T make dual pressure once through type Condensers having divided water box

    • Metallic casing type cooling water and auxiliary cooling water pumps

    • Two (2) Natural Draft Cooling Tower

    • 275 m High twin flue chimney 

    • Complete Balance of Plant viz. Raw water intake system, HVAC system, firefighting system, fuel oil system, ash handling system, coal handling system, water treatment system, Cooling water system, Effluent treatment system, compressed air, mill reject system, Gas-chlorination, tanks, hydrogen generation plant etc.

    Fuel : Blended coal (Indian and Imported coal in ratio of 70:30)

    Year of commissioning : 2018