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750 MW Sabiya - 3 CCGT Power Plant , Kuwait

  • Name of Project : 750 MW Sabiya - 3 CCGT Power Plant , Kuwait

    Owner : Ministry of Electricity & Water (MEW)

    Client : Alghanim International General Trading & Contracting Co. WLL, Kuwait

    Capacity : 750 MW 

    L&T-S&L’s scope : Basic & Detail engineering services including On Site Services

    Configuration : 

    • Two (2) Siemens make Gas Turbine (STG5-4000F) with Hydrogen Cooled Generator
    • Two (2) unfired, Horizontal Natural Circulation HRSG
    • One (1) Siemens make Steam Turbine (SST5-5000) with Hydrogen Cooled Generator

    Key Technical Features :

    • Two Horizontal Type HRSG having Triple Pressure reheat, Natural Circulation with combined Deaerator
    • 3 x 50% Centrifugal type Gas Booster Compressors
    • Two pass, Single Shell, Divided Water Box, Side type water cooled Condenser
    • 40 m tall Gas Turbine Bypass stack
    • 400kV Gas Insulated Substation
    • 12 Cell Induced Draft Cooling Tower use Sea water as cooling medium for condenser cooling.
    • Gas Turbine with Evaporative and Wet Compressor for power augmentation.
    • STG Auxiliaries like BFP, CEP, DM Transfer Pump, Vacuum Pumps, CCW Pumps, Shell & Tube Heat-Exchangers etc.
    • Balance of Plant including Fuel Gas Conditioning, Fuel Oil unloading, Treatment, storage and forwarding, Compressed Air System, Chlorination Plant, DM Plant, Waste Water recovery Plant, HVAC, Fire Fighting, etc.

    Fuel :  Natural Gas & HSD Oil 

    Year of commissioning : 2020